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Hello Soul Stars,

Would you like to redesign your Life and create your best version 2.0 that gets you excited each day?

Do you want to experience Abundance in Health, Wealth & Relationships, Career, Business?

If the answer is YES, then get ready to reboot your life!

I am Lakshmi Malol- A personal development Coach, Abundance-Mindset Practitioner, work on mindfulness positive psychology & Spiritual Seeker. I help people discover their best performing self, touched the lives of Men and Women by using positive psychology.

My Story: An MBA holder, earning 6 figure income pm, A logistics wizard who loves making the impossible possible. I work hard to ensure that objectives are delivered on-time, on-budget and with finesse.  Successfully worked with global leaders in Real Estate, Finance and Technology with over 10 years.

Blessed with everything I wanted but this did not make me happy, so, from 2020 I took things slowly. Started to appreciate even small opportunities that comes my way which turns out to be the best.

But, in 2021 I had to undergo very difficult phase of my life. It had shaken me to the very core of existence. After which I had to heal myself to move forward in life. 

From that day, I started the journey of self-discovery, I have realized the importance of investing in one’s own self. Alongside our education and degrees, developing our mindset with positive belief system and taking that conscious effort to reprogram our subconscious mind is also needed.

I help people transform their lives through mindfulness and self-improvement. My work is rooted in the belief that every person is capable of limitless greatness.

I believe we are all born with infinite potential, but we have to learn how to use it. And that's where I come in! My goal is to help you make the most of your potential by guiding you on a journey toward self-transformation so that you can live a life of purpose and meaning.

If you're looking for someone who can help guide your path toward personal growth, then look no further than me!

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

I'm here to help you get there. Whether it's finding a new job, making more money or finding your dream partner, I can help.

I'm specialized in helping people with mindset issues like anxiety and depression, as well as mindfulness practices that can help you transform your life.

This is what truly a game changer for an individual and helps them realize their true potential and work more efficiently towards their goals.

Now being a life coach myself, I take this responsibility onto my shoulders to spread awareness amongst all of us of how easily one can transform their life – All you need to do is “DECIDE”.

Being Mindful to be focused on what we love matters in our LIFE.

My MISSION: To Help transform lives of million people to have the life they desire and deserve to live through Life Coaching tools and techniques.

Peace of I

Lakshmi Malol

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Our Partner

Joslin J

Life & NLP Coach

A pharmacist by profession,  Life Mindset Manifestation NLP Coach by vocation .

 In a world brimming with challenges, my mission is clear – to illuminate the path towards peace and happiness across all facets of your life. Whether you seek fulfillment in career, relationships, or personal growth, I am here to guide you through profound awareness , purpose and discovery.

My expertise extends to leveraging powerful manifestation tools that transcend conventional barriers, aiding you in the realization of your deepest aspirations. 

Through meticulous reprogramming of your subconscious mind, I facilitate a profound shift in mindset, empowering you to reach unprecedented heights. It's not merely about setting goals; it's about a holistic transformation that aligns your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your dreams.

Drawing upon proven psychological methods, I craft a personalized approach tailored to your unique journey. Together, we embark on a voyage of self-discovery, breaking through limitations, and unlocking the immense potential within. Join me in rewiring the way you perceive and engage with the world, paving the way for the extraordinary life you deserve.